Hi, I'm Joe Oberloier, designer of portion master. As a clay artists years ago I was always looking for an easier method for slicing clay for slab work and extrusion cut off.  In 1992, I developed and received patents on the first version of the Portion Master adjustable clay cutter. My goal was to create a product that makes slicing clay easier and I was able to achieve that. Portion master saves so much time and hassle and allows you to create precise slabs with every cut.

Since creating the original portion master in 1992, I've created thousands that are being used nationwide by local potters and even in schools. I never dreamed that in 2017 I would still be making portion master clay cutters. Now, Portion Master is run by my daughter and her husband. You can be assured that every cutter is hand assembled and inspected to ensure proper quality. We work hard to ensure that you receive your Portion Master orders in a timely manner, with the best quality guaranteed!

We are proud to introduce our latest innovative “Flat Footed design”  Portion Master adjustable clay cutter through the internet and a few select distributors such as Laguna Clay. They are still selling the round tube style today through distributors like Dick Blick, Nasco , just to mention a few. It is rewarding to see so many of our cutters in schools and classrooms we have visited.  This alone speaks volumes that it is truly a “can’t live without tool"