The original adjustable clay cutter

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Designed in 1992

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Still the best

Although there are many similar cutters on the market today, Portion master is the original adjustable clay cutter. Here's a few reasons why our cutter is still the best on the market!

Spring Steel Arbor

The arbor is made of spring steel made with solid stainless steel. This means years of service, no rusting, no zinc platting and no paint chips to get into your work.  Some of the other copy cats use galvanized or even painted steel rod stock (not spring steel)

Flat Footed Design

Our cutter has a flat footed design making it easier to get a flat uniform slice ( especially at the
begging and end of slab cutting)

The Best Cables

Our cables are strong and small diameter making possible nice clean cuts. Our cables are made from pre-stretched mutli-strand stainless steel which means they won’t rust or stretch out on you. Our cables are hand made to exact tolerances using brass loop sleeves, which are stronger and
last longer than aluminum scrimp sleeves.

side view

360 view

Trusted by potters throughout the United States